About Us

    Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners (HHP) is widely recognized as one of the leading law firms in Indonesia. With more than two decades of local experience, our lawyers provide sophisticated advice on corporate and commercial transactions across a broad range of industries. We bring a rich understanding of Indonesia‚Äôs unique business and legal culture to help our clients execute even the most challenging deals in Indonesia. Our legal consultants have worked with many of the largest domestic and international corporations, creating effective, industry-focused solutions for their transactions and investments. Our 27-year presence on the ground in Indonesia has allowed us to foster solid working relationships with Indonesian government agencies and regulators and key industry players, and bringing the benefit of these relationships to our clients is a value proposition which sets us apart from our competitors.

    As one of the country's largest firms, we have the resources to deal with sizable and lengthy transactions. Our lawyers and consultants are well-trained, industry-savvy, resourceful and team-oriented, and they have a long history of successful deals behind them. Where the legal and regulatory issues cut across practices, we form the appropriate teams to ensure that the relevant skills and expertise are brought together to provide seamless, industry-focused advice.

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